arthur bla bla bla play with arthur and his friends join clubs sing karaoke or watch videos play games and print out activities too, arthur is a happy drunk with no pretensions at any ambition he is also the heir to a vast fortune which he is told will only be his if he marries susan, arthurs immediate family is the focus of the series with most episodes involving arthur his younger sister dw their parents david and jane baby kate and their dog pal arthurs closest friends include buster francine muffy binky and the brain with sue ellen fern and george as frequent supporting characters, the arthur web site is produced by wgbh boston the arthur television series is produced by wgbh boston and oasis animation inc funding for the arthur web site is provided by the corporation for public broadcasting and public television viewers funding for the arthur television series is provided by public television viewers

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a legendary king of the britons whose story is based on traditions of a sixth century military leader, everyones favorite little aardvark based on the book series written and illustrated by marc brown arthur is the longest running childrens animated series

arthur is a common masculine given name its etymology is disputed but its popularity derives from its being the name of the legendary hero king arthur art and artie are diminutive forms of the name a common spelling variant used in many slavic romance and germanic languages is artur, arthur read the spectacular bespectacled aardvark stars in this childrens series about growing up typical childhood problems such as bratty siblings schoolyard bullies and classroom cliques , the latest tweets from arthur hashtagarthur anfield is so powerful makes teams crumble, arthur timothy read is the son of david read and jane read and is the brother of dw and kate he is a third grader in mr ratburns class at lakewood elementary school arthur is an aardvark like the rest of his family the shape and appearance of his head comes mostly from his father

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