Groveland Four

groveland four bla bla bla the groveland four or the groveland boys were four young africanamerican men earnest thomas charles greenlee then a minor at age 16 samuel shepherd and walter irvin who in 1949 were accused of raping a 17yearold white woman and assaulting her husband in lake county florida, the youngest of the groveland four 16yearold greenlee was a friend of ernest thomas who convinced him he could earn more money in lake county than at his dishwashing job in gainesville, the case of the groveland four included a race riot torture multiple murders two trials and a supreme court reversal, the socalled groveland four charles greenlee ernest thomas walter irvin and samuel shepherd were accused of the rape in 1949 near the city of groveland in lake county fla mr thomas

Groveland Four Case Build Nation

through the years supporters of the groveland four have petitioned for a full pardon even though the men have all passed away there was one surprise at fridays clemency hearing, the groveland four have officially been pardoned for the alleged rape of a white woman in 1949 florida governor ron desantis and the states threemember cabinet granted the four black men

a decades long chapter of injustice is finally closing in florida, the case of the men known as the groveland four has been documented in a book and is considered a blight on floridas history one of the four was killed before he could be charged and the other , the groveland case refers to events related to four young africanamerican men being accused of raping a young white woman in groveland florida on july 16 1949 one man was shot by a posse several days later and 200 miles away after having fled the area, seventy years ago in groveland fla a white teenager named norma padgett accused four black men of kidnapping and raping her in a car on a dark road two of the men would eventually be shot dead

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